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Sexual Assault

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College’s pernicious and persistent problem

Campus sexual assault is a persistent problem as documented by decades of replicated research. 20% of female students will be sexually assaulted during college. This is a grim, horrific and normalized reality. The effects upon victims are pernicious and many times long-lasting.

~M.Koss, sexual experiences survey 1982, Department of Justice 2011, American Association of Universities 2015.


“Don’t give me your hand me down world, I got one already. Just don’t give it to me, don’t wanna take it”

The Guess Who ‘70

4 of 5 victims do not report their assault?

The reasons vary from fear of not being believed or of being blamed for their assaults. A fear of reprisal. Not wanting anyone to know what happened. Survivors may believe being assaulted makes them “damaged goods,” and are afraid of being judged for something that is not their fault. Not to have to re-live what happened, over and over again. A survivor may be worried that they can’t “prove” anything happened to them, if there is no physical evidence available.

Survivors should be given the agency to decide what route is best for them.

~Department of Justice, Washington Post/Kaiser Foundation, American Association of Universities.


Breaking the culture of silence

A systematic problem prevails over past and present reporting systems.

The theory of constraints finds improvement through identifying and removing a limiting factor or constraint that stands in the way of goal attainment and to systematically improve that constraint until it’s no longer a limiting factor.

“A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”.

The systematic solution starts with a safe, secure and supportive reporting system. The victim-centered, trauma-informed approach provides emotional, informational and instructional support.

Say hello to Anna!

Victims are embarrassed, ashamed, confused and emotionally wounded.
The fog of fear must be lifted and the sound of silence shattered.
How might victims be encouraged and empowered to overcome these barriers?

Meet Anna. She’s a cultural avatar. Anna conveys informational, instructional and emotional support to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

What can your school do for you?

  • Change resident hall assignments
  • Prevent contact with alleged perpetrator
  • Suspend alleged perpetrator
  • Provide escort services
  • Reschedule exams and assignments
  • Provide alternative course completion options
  • Organize tutoring service
affirmative reporting citizee app screen

Student Centered Network for Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is about being aware and engaged with one’s surroundings. It’s to identify, process and comprehend those critical elements of information to sense danger, challenges and opportunities. To know what’s now and to shed light on what’s next.

Incident Reporting

  • A role-based, self-reporting system that uses the national FBI/UCR code format. Anonymity and Bullying have been included.
  • 911 Emergency reporting system sends precise location to 911 responders and selected contacts.
  • Map management system updates campus map content and events once confirmed and authorized.

Student safety is a shared responsibility.

Cultural Avatar

Embodied Conversational Agents, or Avatars, have been proposed as a natural computer interface because of their form and functionality. An avatar can be used to overcome barriers and to facilitate social interactions and social learning.

Affirmative Consent

It allows people to have video documentation that shows explicit verbal consent. The information is encrypted and stored in the cloud and is only accessible to law enforcement, University personal or court officials.

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An active view of social-media proceedings and universities data displayed in data visualizations. To appreciate information by putting it into a visual context. To grasp developments and recognize trends

Turning Information to Knowledge

  • When a Rape Goes Unreported November 16,2017 - "I was a cadet at the Air Force Academy. I was raped by a senior cadet raped me in a secluded area.I remained silent because victims were to be blamed for their rapes...I developed herpes. The virus traveled to my spinal cord causing meningitis...I wouldn't dare risk my career by… Read More...
  • Federal Office of Compliance CAA Handbook November 16,2017 - ..Before a victim is able to report a sexual perpetrator First: Accuser must undergo 30 days counseling Second: One month of mediation https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/citizee--2/x/17381326#/ Third a 30 day cooling-off period NOTE: If these three steps exceed 180 days the case is nullified. reference: 11/15 Daily Show Read More...

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